VR System Impression Pi Announces Funding Stretch Goal on Kickstarter

Impression Pi, the virtual and augmented reality headset that took Kickstarter by storm last month, has announced a new stretch goal and a referral program.

The VR/AR headset has already raised 212% of its initial goal and is funding until May 7.

Having surpassed their $75k goal quickly and raising more than $165k to date, project creator Anli He announced that they would be seeking an $180k stretch goal.

If the project reaches the $180k stretch goal, they will release Impression Pi SDK to all developers, helping to further their goal of making Impression Pi totally open-sourced. They’ll also be shipping out a free carrying case to backers that is made especially for the headset.

Impression Pi will also be rewarding new and existing backers with a new referral program. Each backer will be assigned a unique backer ID number and will be asked to share a link to the Kickstarter campaign along with that ID. Once someone makes a pledge using that backer ID, the referrer will receive a $5 refund. For three new backers, they’ll receive $16 and for five, they’ll receive $30.

“We wouldn’t have had such a successful campaign thus far if it wasn’t for our amazing supporters,” said project creator Anli He. “That’s why we wanted to introduce this referral program- to give a little back to all of the people who have gotten us this far.”

Impression Pi is powered by a set of algorithms that processes hand/gesture information and generates 3D gesture modeling along with an augmented reality overlay that allows the real world to overlap the virtual world.

The VR/AR system is perfect for gamers- it scans the user’s environment to overlay the virtual game over the actual setting. Gamers don’t have to worry about colliding with their surroundings, due to technology that warns users when it detects real-world obstacles that are within a certain distance.

Impression Pi will be funding on Kickstarter until May 7. Backers will receive a completed interactive VR headset with an embedded board that contains a camera sensor and vision control model for $249. For developers, there is a $314 reward that includes the complete package plus enrollment to a program that offers special software support. Visit to contribute and receive an Impression Pi.

About USENS inc

Impression Pi was developed by USENS inc, which was co-founded by Dr. Yue Fei, Anli He and Dr. Chris Shi. Their team of engineers and designers has worked on cutting edge projects such as Intel microprocessors, iPhone and GoPro. For more information about Impression Pi and the USENS team, visit