VR goes Corporate at KLM

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a new corporate tool, at least for KLM Airlines. They have posted a 9:41 VR experience on their website. This 360° video, available for YouTube, iOS and Android, shows how traveling in KLM economy is so much more comfortable than traveling on a budget airline. The YouTube version can be watched on your computer monitor and the mouse allows you to scroll around and watch what is beside and behind you. The iOS and Android versions can be watched on smartphone-based or dedicated HMDs. While the 9:41 experience is rather boring, it isn’t as boring as an 8 hour flight from New York to Amsterdam. –Matthew Brennesholtz

KLM corporate VR experience extolling the comfort of KLM economy class (Image: KLM)

Analyst Comment

Full disclosure: When I fly from New York to Amsterdam, I routinely fly on KLM.