Vol 24 #21 Product Roundup

AG Neovo has launched its upgraded SC Series of displays for 1080P digital video rendering. The monitors have special circuitry to support higher resolution using HD-over-Coax’s auto signal compensation (ASC) technology which is intended to minimise signal distortion in transmission over long distances of up to 500 metres (1,640 ft.). The monitors also have anti burn-in technology and can support fast frame switching between analogue, digital and BNC signals. Designed specifically for 24/7 security and surveillance purposes, it is intended for museums, luxury jewellery shops, and high fashion boutiques among other settings that demand quality images.

NEC has updated the P502HL (NEC Ups Laser Phosphor Projector Offerings) to the P502HL-2, which is very, very similar!

NEC P502HL 2bNEC’s P502HL-2 is very similar to the P502HL

Sharp said that the 70″ PN-Q LDF, which was shown at ISE, is now shipping, while the 60″, 80″ and 90″ models in the range will ship in the next month. (Impact of Foxconn Acquisiton Shows at Sharp). The sets are entry level and have 350 cd/m² of brightness. The company has also updated the 70″ and 80″ Big Pads (PN 70SC5 and 80SC5) and now have “Freeze” and “Blackout” functions. The company is planning to extend the range down to 60″ later this year.