Vivendi Returns to Gaming

Vivendi launch a hostile takeover bid aimed at Gameloft, the French games studio and owner of the Gameloft Live game streaming service, in February. Now, local sources say that the firm has secured the majority of shares it requires. Vivendi apparently convinced Amber Capital, which owns a 15% stake in Gameloft, to sell.

Vivendi confirmed that it raised its offer from €6 to €7.20 in late May. Sources said that the offer was raised further, following that announcement, to €8.

Analyst Comment

This deal marks a renewed interest in gaming from Vivendi, which sold off its 61% stake in Activision-Blizzard starting in 2013. Observers expect that the company could now turn its attention to developer Ubisoft, in which it already owns a 17.7% stake. (TA)