Visionox Follows Samsung in OLED Capacity

China’s Visionox began building a G5.5 AMOLED plant in August 2013 (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 30). Now, it has told journalists that it will be ready to start mass production in Q2 this year.

The new line will produce 4,000 substrates per month, scaling to 15,000 at full capacity; once this is achieved, Visionox will be the world’s second-largest AMOLED supplier after Samsung Display (which produces 140,000 substrates monthly). EverDisplay, also of China, produces 15,000 substrates monthly but of a smaller size (G4.5).

Visionox has also developed three flexible OLED prototypes; they range from a 3.5″ (400 x 240) to a 7.6″ with 800 x 480 resolution. Each flexible unit is about 20µm thick, with a bending radius of 3 mm. As with LG and Samsung’s flexible displays, the OLEDs use a polyimide substrate and an LTPS backplane.

Analyst Comment

Tianma told us at the MWC show this week that it would also start OLED production towards the end of this year. (BR)