Virtual Reality a New Frontier for Religions

Talk about virtual reality often focuses on the display aspect and the challenges for the potential user. However, the content driving such devices will be more important than the resolution, brightness or any other technology feature.

In this respect, an article in Hypergrid Business discusses the option to use such technology in house of worship applications, which traditionally use some kind of projector. In the article, Giulio Prisco discusses the possibility of using virtual reality headsets as a virtual church instead.

Several groups are already exploring such potential use and many organizations are providing an e-church experience by bringing the religious experience to the home via TV. The virtual reality headset makes the experience more immersive, something that could definitely add to the experience. As the article explains, church services could be made available in different languages and the priests/pastors could create a more private experience for the user. It also sees this as an option for the person to meet with the priest/pastor on a one to one basis without having to travel, possibly leading to many more interactions.

Analyst Comment

While this seems a little surprising to some, it shows that many verticals are looking into using virtual reality in their respective fields. Now it is a question where it will make the most sense. – NH