Vestel, Foxxum Sign Long-term Agreement

Foxxum, a global player in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions, has announced that Vestel has signed a long-term agreement to make Foxxum the single worldwide Smart TV partner for Vestel branded and OEM products running on its Linux-based operating system.

Vestel will consolidate the portfolio of its third-party Smart TV partners. All new as well as the installed base of Smart TVs manufactured by Vestel will be available with a Smart TV solution in cooperation with Foxxum. With Vestel as a new partner, Foxxum’s extending Smart TV customer portfolio makes the company the largest connected device platform in Europe in addition to the company’s leading position in South America and South East Asia.

Ronny Lutzi, CEO of Foxxum says: “We are delighted to start this new partnership with Vestel, one of the most respected and ambitious companies in the TV business worldwide. This deal marks not only a deep understanding of our professional skills but also shows the strong recognition of our philosophy: Passionate focus on customer satisfaction far beyond expectations! Signing Vestel brings us significantly closer to becoming the worldwide leader in Smart TV solutions.”

“Vestel has been leading the Smart TV and content segment and has achieved one of the largest installed bases of Smart TVs in Europe. Winning Foxxum as a longterm partner will allow us to further strengthen our products with more local premium content and an improved user experience. Foxxum’s know-how, speed and professionalism in satisfying our high-quality standards and the demand for customization from our OEM customers make our collaboration the perfect fit to reinforce our leading position in Europe” says Hakan Kutlu, Vice President at Vestel.

About Vestel

Vestel, one of the leading consumer goods and electronics producers of the World, focuses its main operations in Europe. As the biggest player in the UK TV business, Vestel boasts of serving millions of customers worldwide. Gathering strength from its 1,600 R&D engineers and one million square meter industrial complex, Vestel produces millions of Smart TVs and white goods and exports to 155 countries. With its years of experience and remarkable scale, Vestel concentrates on providing the highest quality of products that are tailored to the needs and wants of its customers. Vestel Smart TVs boast of country specific local and premium content and with a friendly and intuitive user interface on a wide range of screen PAGE 2 OF 2 sizes. Working with hundreds of the world’s best brands and retailers, Vestel is available to its customers everywhere in the World.

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About Foxxum

Foxxum is a global leader in the development, operation and commercial marketing for innovative Smart TV solutions. As an established pioneer in the sector, Foxxum works closely with leading companies at all stages of the global consumer electronics value chain to develop Smart TV solutions – from silicon vendors to device manufacturers and network operators. Worldwide partnerships with premium broadcasters and video on demand services, video producers and distributors allow Foxxum to provide a best in class content portfolio containing the most important global content brands as well as country specific local content providers. Foxxum’s development and platform expertise offer viewers the best Smart TV user experience, innovative Smart TV technology, a global entertaining content portfolio and a user-friendly design. Foxxum provides highly tailored solutions and personal collaborations to its partners, which include the possibility of jointly tapping into profitable revenue streams.