Verizon Introduces Fios Prepaid Triple Play Service

Verizon has introduced Fios Prepaid triple play with pay-as-you-go Fios TV, Internet and a home phone line, all over fibre optic cable. As the services are prepaid, no credit checks will be required and the additional equipment for the service will be provided free.

Customers can pay the monthly charges online with a debit card or use cash at payment kiosks in any Verizon Wireless store.

The service is available in main metropolitan areas in the North-east US.

The 25 Mbit/s prepaid Internet service is $60 per month; TV with over 155 channels is $40/$50 depending on channel package; plus there are bundles, for example, triple play service including voice is $110/$120 per month. Self-install is free otherwise the fee is $70.