Veeo’s Behind-Screen Camera Technology Showcased with LG T-OLED Display

Veeo launched its innovative T-OLED-based display, the Veeo T30, during Infocomm 2023. This display uses a behind-display camera (BDC) system, which is designed to improve the quality and authenticity of video conferencing. Veeo solves two key problems in virtual communication – establishing a genuine face-to-face connection and enabling seamless collaboration on digital content by putting the camera behind the display. Traditional setups where a camera is placed on top of the display give the illusion that a person is looking downwards and avoiding eye contact.

Source: Veeo

The announcement mentioned two versions of the display – a 30″ and a 50″ LG T-OLED panel. T-OLEDs (Transparent OLEDs) are a type of display technology that can be made semi-transparent, allowing for the placement of a camera behind the display without obscuring the screen content.