V-Nova Compression Integrated with Vimmi Distributed CDN

V Nova

V-Nova Ltd., a global software IP company that delivers game-changing video and data encoding solutions, and Vimmi, the technology leader in distributed video delivery network platforms, today announced that V-Nova PERSEUS™ video compression has been integrated within the Vimmi video delivery platform.

The integration represents a major milestone in enabling the launch of PERSEUS-powered online video services in a matter of days. The pre-integrated OTT workflow includes transcoding, content management (CMS), subscriber management (SMS), billing, CDN, DRM, nDVR, HTML5 video player, STB and mobile applications.

“V-Nova’s smart new way of compressing video integrates with our OVP platform and machine learning CDN architecture to provide a step-change in video transport performance,” said Eitan Koter, Co. CEO and Founder, Vimmi. “As video streaming continues to mature and becomes significantly more important to any service providers’ business, operators will be looking for the best-in-class technologies that can give them an edge. I believe the V-Nova and Vimmi collaboration is going to be provide them with exactly that solution through the combination of the highest possible video delivery efficiency with low cost and fast deployment.”

Vimmi has designed a suite of video services that empower content owners and operators to fully monetise their video assets. These services include the Vimmi Content Delivery Network (CDN), in-cloud content preparation services, a modular in-cloud Back Office & Video Monetization Suite and a ready-to-use OTT-as-a-service solution.

V-Nova PERSEUS is a video processing technology that addresses today’s video delivery challenges. V-Nova PERSEUS redraws the traditional quality-bitrate curve, enabling operators and service providers to provide high quality live and on-demand video within their bandwidth constraints. V-Nova PERSEUS technology is available as a software development kit (SDK) for integration into third party encoders and video players.

“We have shown that PERSEUS compression technology can make a real difference to the cost-base and business success of OTT platforms. The integration with Vimmi makes it even more effective: by combining it with an advanced CDN technology and a fully functional, modular video platform ready to deploy in minimum time,” said Guido Meardi, CEO and co-founder of V-Nova. “Vimmi and V-Nova are natural partners, both providing real innovation for operators distributing and monetizing video. Thanks to the work we have done together in record time, it is now easier than ever to deploy our video compression solutions making it clearer than ever why it simply has to be PERSEUS for OTT video delivery.”

The joint solution, which is commercially deployable now, will launch at IBC, with live demos on the Vimmi (3.B56) and V-Nova (14.K17) IBC stands.