UX Awards to be Presented at IFA

There will be an award ceremony at IFA to present winners of UX Design Awards which are intended to reward companies that have created good human interfaces that make interaction with products and systems intuitive and easy to use. Two of the nominees are BMW for the BMW HoloActive Touch which is an innovative interface between the driver and vehicle. It consists of a free-floating virtual display projected in the area above the center console. The system is operated directly by finger movements, with an ultrasound source providing tactile confirmation of the driver’s commands. (There was speculation that this technology might be from Ultrahaptics in the UK BMW to Show the HoloActive Dashboard Interface at CES)

Another nomination is for Veye 360° System i-mmersive which is working on VR and 360º video with spatial sound and integrated with information layers and views.

BMW’s HoloActive Touch use haptics with ultrasound to give feedback and control through gestures.