USB Type-C Locking Connector Standard Approved by USB-IF

Through years, there has been a constant growth of industrial applications adopting USB interface for interconnection. However, the non-locking USB connector mating mechanism is often found less secure in the industrial environments. For the purpose of providing secure connection solutions, Newnex has been actively participating in the development of locking connector standards and was one of the main contributors of the USB3 Vision locking connector standard.

Recently, Newnex USB Type-C dual locking connector design had been accepted by the standard working group and becomes a part of the USB-IF approved USBType-C Locking Connector Specification.

USB Type-C locking connector adopted the screw locking mechanism to secure the connection between Type-C plug and the receptacle. Two versions of USB Type-C lockingconnectors are featured in the USB Type-C Locking Connector Specification Rev 1.0: dual screw locking and single screw locking.
The dual screw locking is ideal for applications with restricted height and where connection reliability is the upmost requirement. In addition, Type-C dual screw locking also maintains the reversible plug orientation feature of Type-C connector.
Similar to the locking mechanism on USB 3.0 Micro B connector that has been adopted in the USB3 Vision Specification, Type-C dual screw lockingconnector features standard M2 screws. It possesses the advantage of compactness in comparison to USB3 Vision compliant USB 3.0 micro B lockingconnector since Type-C dual screw lockingconnector is approximately 17 percent smaller in screw spacing and 10 percent narrower in overmold width.
On the other hand, the single screw USBType-C plug connector is defined for applications that may have restricted width for the locking screws.
Newnex offers standard as well as custom design options for both Type-C dual screw lockingand single screw lockingconnectors and cables. For more information, please visit Newnexwebsite.