US Marines Enhance AR Training

While this new training tool used by the US Marines is not quite on the level of ‘The Matrix’, it still allows enhancement of the particular areas of training in real life soldiers at a fraction of the cost of real life exercises. The AITT (Augmented Immersive Team Training) was showcased last year by the US military and this new technology is building on the existing technology by adding more modules including (1) the Interactive Tactical Decision Game (I-TDG); (2) an augmented-reality Sand Table application that uses a HoloLens visual display to insert virtual objects into an actual field of sight; and (3) a quadcopter-based system for quickly surveying and modeling terrain.

Marines AR Training – Augmented Immersive Team Training (AITT)

Overall this new technology is moving away from the typical first person shooter style training scenario introduced last year. Instead the focus is on team training and decision making in real life environments. So while the personal capabilities like hand-to-hand combat are not being trained as we saw in the movies, the system allows teams to train in communication and quicker decision making. Before augmented reality, this kind of training required complicated life exercises. Now it can be done in a class room if necessary, showing the power of such training systems. (NH)

Analyst Comment

The cost of military exercises is huge. Many, many years ago, I visited a tank regiment of the British Army in Germany for some time. While we were there, a planned exercise had to be cut short because the budget for damage had been spent. Basically, a soldier with a cheque book was following the tanks around, and as they did damage to fields and crops, he would pay. I was amazed at the time at how much it cost, but defence has never been cheap! (BR)