Ultravision International Wins LED Patent Infringement Lawsuit

The US Court for the Eastern District of Texas has awarded Ultravision International a judgement in a lawsuit against Shenzhen Only.

Shenzhen Only was accused of infringing two patents protecting Ultravision’s Modular LED Display Panel technology, and has been ordered by the court to pay compensatory and triple damages for willful infringement, interest, costs and attorney fees, a year—almost to the day—since the case was filed. William Hall, CEO and co-founder of Ultravision International, said of the judgement:

“This judgement and the financial damages awarded to Ultravision serve notice that Ultravision will hold accountable anyone who violates our patents or illegally uses or profits from our proprietary technology. Ultravision will not tolerate the pirating of our intellectual property or patented Modular LED Display Panels.

As this successful lawsuit against Shenzhen Only illustrates, Ultravision will aggressively pursue those who infringe on our patents. Unfortunately, customers using pirated modular LED display panels will suffer too, because the court ruling prohibits the use of counterfeited display panels; in other words, companies using those display panels must stop doing so, regardless of the impact on their business”.