Vol 24 - Issue 45


Have we Reached “Peak CE Stuff”?

by Bob Raikes

There weren’t any really big stories this week, but lots of data on the smartphone market in MDM as well as forecasts for computing devices. All of the forecasts are conservative even though they …

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Vive X Adds 26 More Companies to its AR/VR Acceleration Program

by Norbert Hildebrand

HTC Vive announced that it has added 26 more companies to its AR / VR acceleration program called Vive X. The program contains now more than 80 companies worldwide. The Vive X program is …

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Varjo Boosts Cash For Production

by Bob Raikes

We reported on Varjo Technologies some months ago (Varjo Announces High resolution VR Solution) and now the company has added $6.7 million in investment from Tekes in addition to $8.2 million in Series A …

Tags:Investment| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 24 - Issue 45

PMA Research Names October’s Best-Selling Projectors

by Andrew Fenn

PMA Research has posted its most recent Projector Tracking Service results to its website. Home Entertainment Projectors: Optoma had a trio of projector make the top five list in October. The Optoma HD142X was …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Market Data| PMA Research| Projectors| Vol 24 - Issue 45

NOA Releases First Smartphone with 18:9 Screen Ratio

by Andrew Fenn

The Noa N8 will be the first smartphone from the Croatian manufacturer with an 18:9 screen ratio and is expected to appear in the market at the beginning of December this year. A 5.99″ …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 24 - Issue 45

Scala Announces Media Players for Digital Signage Market

by Andrew Fenn

Scala, a part of Stratacache, has unveiled the addition of Scala Media Player hardware to its digital signage portfolio. Scala claims its branded players give customers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to create, deploy and …

Tags:Digital Signage| Large Display Monitor| Media Players| Scala (now Stratacache)| Vol 24 - Issue 45

New Philips Adobe RGB Monitor Supports USB Type C Docking

by Bob Raikes

MMD has released the 328P6AUBREB under the Philips brand. The 32″ (31.5″) QuadHD (2560 x 1440) monitor has HDR support (HDR400) with a 10 bit panel and 12 bit processing. Colour support is 99% …

Tags:Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Philips| Vol 24 - Issue 45| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

A Guide to WaveGuides

by Bob Raikes

One of the key technologies for augmented reality headsets is waveguide optics, which guides light from the image source and superimposes an image in front of the viewer’s eye. In our looking around the …

Tags:AR/VR| Augmented Reality| Mobile Display Monitor| Optics| Vol 24 - Issue 45

Apple Makes Patent Counterclaims

by Bob Raikes

Apple has filed an action against Qualcomm in the on-going dispute between the companies (ITC Agrees to Look at Qualcomm/Apple Dispute). Apple claims that the firm is in breach of eight patents that it …

Tags:Apple| Mobile Display Monitor| Patents| Qualcomm| Vol 24 - Issue 45

Xiamen Changelight Expands LED Production with MOCVD Tech

by Andrew Fenn

Aixtron, said that the company has received an order for multiple AIX 2800G4-TM MOCVD cluster tools from Chinese optoelectronic manufacturer Xiamen Changelight, to expand its production capacity for gallium arsenide-based, red, orange and yellow …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Production Equipment| Vol 24 - Issue 45

Velocity Productions Chooses PixelFLEX for Lobby Display

by Andrew Fenn

Equifax is a global information solutions company with offices in 24 countries worldwide. The company recently opened a new facility in Atlanta, Georgia, working with AV Integration firm Velocity Productions. This new facility’s lobby …

Tags:Digital Signage| Large Display Monitor| LED| Vol 24 - Issue 45

Automatic Frame Rate and Dynamic Range Switching for tvOS 11.2

by Andrew Fenn

The next update for tvOS (11.2) will add support for automatic frame rate and dynamic range switching to the Apple TV 4K. Once the option is enabled in the settings screen, the Apple TV …

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