Ultravision Aims to Stop 37 Companies Shipping LEDs in the US

Ultravision International has widened its campaign against claimed patent infringements by filing a patent complaint at the US International Trade Commission (USITC) and asking for 37 companies to be stopped from selling and importing LED products in the US.

Leading companies including Absen, Aoto, Barco, digiLED, Leyard, Liantronics, Lighthouse, Mitsubishi, Nanolumens, Panasonic, Rocketsign, Samsung, Sansi, Unilumin and Yaham are in the list.

The company said that this action has been taken following its successful action against Shenzen Only (Ultravision International Wins LED Patent Infringement Lawsuit).

Analyst Comment

This is quite a list including Japanese, European and Korean companies as well as Chinese. Ultravision is clearly confident that it has good grounds for its complaint. Given the strategic importance of LED to many of these companies and the importance of the US market, if there is a good case for the company, the companies will need to make arrangements with Ultravision. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this report until after I had left Prolight & Sound, where half a dozen of these companies were present. (BR)