UltraHD Panels Hit New Record in April

Shipments of UltraHD LCD TV panels continue to rise, exceeding 3 million units for the first time in April this year – 14% of global TV panels. 20% of TV panels shipped in 2016 are expected to be UltraHD units.

Supply- and demand-side forces are driving the rising shipments, says IHS, which released the data. Prices continued to fall in 2014 and early 2015, boosting adoption. In addition, most global TV brands have launched such products and are continuing to introduce new models.

Fewer than 100 UltraHD TVs were shipped each month, when AUO first introduced a 55″ TV panel in 2012. Innolux tried to launch a 50″ panel in the same year. However, due to higher production costs, shipments were below 10,000 per month. In 2013, panel makers managed to raise their UltraHD yield rates, but penetration was still less than 2% of global TV panel shipments.

Following aggressive promotions being launched in the Chinese TV market by panel makers, market share of these panels reached 8%. RGBW sub-pixel technology is now widely accepted in China, and has begun to spread worldwide.

“While panel makers in Taiwan initially developed and stimulated 4k TV panel production, South Korean panel makers are now leading the 4k TV panel market”, said IHS’ senior analyst Linda Lin. “In fact, LG Display and Samsung Display have risen to become the largest global manufacturers of 4k displays”.