UHD Becomes More Affordable With Sony

Two retailers (Powerhouse and Amazon) posted details of new Sony televisions, this week – before Sony! We had written about them before the official news broke, but now have the confirmed information below.

Three new TVs will be launched, each an ‘affordable’ UltraHD model: the XBR-X700D (48.5″, 54.6″), Z750D (64.5″) and X800D (42.5″, 48.5″) (XD70, XD75 and XD80 in Europe, according to FlatpanelsHD). The X800D supports HDR functionality, which will be available to the other sets as a firmware update later this year. All three will run Android TV.

The X800D is the only model with Sony’s Triluminos (wide colour gamut) display technology. Native refresh rate is 60Hz, but Sony enhances that with its Motionflow XR 240 feature. Viewing angles are 178°, and an edge-LED backlight is used. HDMI (x4), composite (x2), component, USB (x3) and RJ45 ports are featured, as well as two 10W speakers.

Both the X750D and X700D use direct-LED backlights. The X700D models have a 60Hz native refresh rate, while the X750D is 120Hz. Aside from this, they are identical to the X800D.

The TVs can be pre-ordered now and will be launched in mid-July. The X800D will be cost $750 for the 42.5″ and $900 for the 48.5″; FlatpanelsHD also mentions a 55″ model to be launched in Europe. The X750D will cost $1,500. Finally, the X700D will cost $800 (48.5″) and $900 (54.6″).

Analyst Comment

Sony’s original source had these TVs at higher prices (starting at $1,000 and scaling to $2,300); you may see these reported around the web. However, Sony’s website shows the true prices, which we have confirmed with the company. (TA)

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