UBI Predicts OLED Panel Costs to Fall Below LCD

UBI Research estimates that a 55″ solution-processed OLED panel would be about 43% cheaper to produce than a WRGB type (based on OLED panel prices and yield from Q2’15, when prices were slightly higher than today).

Considering the developments in solution processing – whereby the OLED structure will become simplified and backplane yield and encapsulation can be improved – UBI believes that OLED panels will soon be able to be produced at a lower cost than LCD panels.

Solution processing can produce RGB OLED panels in G8 or higher facilities. However, the solvent used to turn the existing evaporation material into ink lowers the purity of the material is decreased. This means that the emitting efficiency of the OLED is lower, which also reduces lifetime.

Panasonic, BOE, AUO, Samsung Display and LG Display are all working on solution process technology. CSOT is also said to be considering it.

UBI believes that mass production of solution-processed OLED panel will begin in 2018, and will be worth around $2.3 billion by 2020.