TV Time Launches TV Measurement Solution for OTT Platforms

TV Time has launched its TVLytics platform, a new television measurement solution that leverages billions of first-party data points from its consumer app to provide insights on viewing patterns and trends for today’s cross-platform television landscape. TVLytics offers viewing measurement solution across all OTT platforms.

The app tracks what TV viewers are watching. The company says that every day, nearly a million engaged users across 200+ countries use the app to record their TV viewership across cable and broadcast networks, and OTTs including Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and others.

TV Time also tracks across viewing platforms from mobile to traditional TV boxes. From these billions of user-generated data points, TVLytics provides insights to media companies, talent agencies and advertisers, helping them uncover emerging trends, understand the competition and find new audiences, enabling them to make strategic decisions across their businesses including how they cast, license and market their shows.

The company says that TVLytics insights also convey viewers’ emotional reaction to a series, episode, character or even specific moments in an episode, highlighting important drivers of ratings, subscriber growth and advertising spend for a show. The platform exposes real-time emotional indicators from viewers such as favourite characters and moments, how an episode made them feel and other business-driving signals for shows at an episodic level. TV Time CEO and Chairman Richard Rosenblatt remarked:

richardrosenblattTV Time is in a unique position to fill the current gaps in cross-platform viewership data, especially in the unreported OTT space, and help media companies make more informed decisions on how they promote their talent and programming, and drive global growth for their content.

In today’s fragmented media landscape, being able to understand the consumption of content that viewers are most passionate about offers a significant advantage for content providers. Our new TVLytics platform provides the most comprehensive ‘why’ behind standard television ratings”.

TVLytics is updated with real-time data across more than 60,000 shows and offers clients insights at episode and season level, including:

  • Mobility – on which devices are fans watching the show, including phones, tablets, computers or televisions, and how does that vary by content, genre or country?
  • Favourite characters – which actors/characters in a show are most popular and resonating strongest with fans?
  • Anticipation – which new and returning shows are highly anticipated by fans and likely to perform well?
  • Affinity – which competitive or similar television shows are fans of a series also watching?
  • Binging – how quickly are shows being watched over a time period?
  • Social engagement – which shows do fans share or post about most on their social feeds?
  • Emotional response – how do viewers react to specific episodes or different kinds of programming?
  • Location – in which countries is a show or actor most popular?

SequAlice 1ent Partners’ Alice K. Sylvester also commented:

“TV’s big problem today is that there are so many programmes and so little understanding of viewer interactions with programming across all sources and on all devices. TV Time provides a missing link — the level of passion viewers have for content, regardless of how they consume it, across the entire spectrum of delivery options”.

Content creators and distributors are looking for a competitive advantage across all TV consumption, regardless of platform or device. The TVLytics platform, with insights from the massive, engaged TV Time app community, has real-time viewing and engagement data spanning every episode of television, which has proven valuable in understanding how competitors’ content is performing across countries, device, age, gender and more, the company says.

Overall, the number of long-form shows on television has grown by 69% since 2012, with nearly 500 scripted original series airing in 2017, according to FX Research Networks. The majority of these scripted shows are coming from OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and others.

A recent TV Time survey found that on average, only 32% of people reported watching the most recent episode of a programme via live TV or DVR. The other 68% reported watching the most recent episode across various other digital and cable offerings.

Cross-platform viewing is a significant portion of how consumers choose to watch television today and the majority of all television viewing is not currently being captured. Marketers need comprehensive TV viewership data for media planning and TV Time can help fill in those gaps, especially for OTT viewership, the company says.