Nielsen Releases “Reimagined” Total Audience Report for 2018 Q1

Nielsen has released its latest Total Audience Report, offering a view of the behaviours and stories developing across the media landscape during the first quarter of 2018 and expanding upon its cross-platform capabilities and examining critical media sources and audience behaviours across both traditional and emerging platforms.

The report includes data on relevant subjects not featured in prior versions, including the use of streaming content, as well as homes with a virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) that provides streaming access to linear TV.

Additionally, it features data from Nielsen’s suite of measurement solutions, including Total Media Fusion, a cross-platform respondent-level data set that reflects activity on digital devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as MediaTech Trender, a quarterly consumer tracking survey launched in the first quarter of 2018. Nielsen’s Peter Katsingris commented:

“The wpeterkatsingrisay people consume content is vastly different from what it was five years ago, let alone ten or twenty. Consumers have the luxury of more options now than ever before.

They can watch videos or listen to music on their smartphone and then just as easily engage with completely different content on their television or radio — the opportunities for how marketers can reach them are endless.

Understanding the trends of who’s consuming content, what they’re consuming and how are the foundations of the industry. Nielsen is uniquely positioned to accurately help the media ecosystem understand these behaviours”.

With a shift in the advertising industry and the way marketers connect to audiences, understanding the evolution of the media and developing consumer habits is vital to marketers and media owners seeking to reach their best consumer, Nielsen says.

The report seeks to not only make sense of the relationship between consumers and the various sources of media, but ultimately build the bridges that will empower media companies and advertisers to take full advantage of the growing opportunities to reach audiences. The inclusion of these new datasets and capabilities into this report helps align it better with the shifting dynamics of consumer media behaviour, the company says.

Insights from the new Total Audience Report include:

  • 92% of US adults listen to radio each week, the highest reach across platforms.
  • On average, US adults are spending over 11 hours a day connected to linear and digital media and almost six hours a day with video alone.
  • Young adults aged 18 – 34 spend the largest percentage of time with TV-connected devices and digital devices compared to other demographics.
  • Black adults are the heaviest users of media overall. Compared to the US overall, Hispanics listen to more radio and Asian Americans spend more time with computers and tablets.
  • Nearly 3% of TV homes subscribe to a vMVPD which includes “skinny bundles”.
  • Almost 20% of consumers say they use a smart speaker.
  • Two-thirds of US TV households have devices capable of streaming content to a TV.
  • 10% of television use in streaming-capable homes involves streaming to a TV.
  • Over 80% of non-television households still view video content.

The full report can be found here.