TUI Trusts NEC for 120 Store Upgrade

TUI in Germany, a major travel agency, is upgrading 450 of its high street branches and 120 of the locations will undergo a major refurbishment to bring them in line with the TUI store concept.

“We carried out various tests and compared the prices from different providers. No other manufacturer matched the high quality of the NEC products when it came to service and advice. Accordingly we decided upon these solutions”, say Oliver Beck, the sales strategy manager at TUI Germany.

In many of the stores, the videowall is located in the window area using NEC display models NEC P553, P703 and P801, the choice of size dependent upon the space available in each branch and their unique requirements. The P series was chosen for use in the branches as the equipment is required to operate continuously on a 24/7 basis.

The interactive ShadowSense (SST) multi-touch displays are used in store to enable customers to quickly and intuitively access information on all available travel destinations. Here the NEC 403SST, 463SST and 553SST models are available.

Both the videowall and touch solutions are integrated with an OPS plug-in solution from NEC enabling all the displays across its nationwide network to be managed and controlled centrally. “We can see this equipment over our network, install content, and detect any failures”, Beck said.

Currently, the re-design has been applied in 20 stores and a further 100 are due to receive the upgrade “in the next few years”.