Tru Vue Launches Vista AR™ For High-Visibility Display Applications

Tru Vue, a global leader in high-performance glazing, announces the production of Vista AR™ anti-reflective coating for display applications from its Engineered Optics Division.

Vista AR is a rugged, high-density coating that is applied to either glass or acrylic sheets, resulting in a product that offers a high level of durability, reflection control and light transmission for a variety of applications. Undergoing rigorous environmental testing, Vista AR has been proven to survive a minimum of 40 days inside a hot salt fog oven and in sub-zero temperatures, and can take direct sunlight. The coating is also scratch resistant as supported by its 10H pencil hardness. Such testing is particularly important for use in products that are exposed to outdoor elements.

Vista AR is used in marine, automotive and other high-resolution applications that require rugged durability and finely tuned optics, with an extremely low photopic brightness of less than 0.3 percent. It is ideal for any application requiring advanced reflection control and enduring performance.

Tru Vue utilizes thin film technology to control the reflection and transmission of light. A magnetron-sputtered, anti-reflective coating, Vista AR is engineered for stringent optical requirements, durability and strength.

”We have been quietly responding to needs in the engineered optics market for decades, so we are not new to the demands of high-resolution applications,” said Nate Soukup, vice president of operations at Tru Vue. “Vista AR coatings deliver benefits that we know are important to manufacturers of products that require exceptional performance.”

The Engineered Optics team from Tru Vue will be at Display Week 2015, booth 1145, in June.