Computex Taipei Highlights ICT

Computex Taipei 2015 is scheduled to take place June 2nd to 6th, at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) and the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC).

Computex is the largest information and communications technology (ICT) trade show in Asia and the second largest in the world, after the International CES in Las Vegas. 2015 will be the 35th edition of the show and it is expected to attract more than 130,000 total visitors, including 38,000 from outside Taiwan. 1700+ exhibitors will be in 5000+ booths. As a comparison, CES 2014 had 160,498 visitors, including 40,498 international visitors and 3,673 exhibitors. While the CES still has a lead over Computex as the largest ICT trade show in the world, if I were the CEA, I’d be looking over my shoulder at the competition.

COMPUTEX International visitors resize

As can be imagined, a majority of the international visitors at Computex come from countries in Asia, with the US number three on the list and Germany, the only EU country in the top 10, is number eight on the list.

Nangang Hall, the main hall at the TWTC, will house the bulk of the exhibitors and will include sections focusing on components & parts; data storage products; computers & systems; embedded products; POS system products; touch applications & display products; national pavilions; international exhibitors and a cross-strait exhibition. Two other halls at the TWTC plus one at the the TICC will have areas dedicated to communication products; peripherals & accessories; wearable technology; 3D business & applications; media; handheld plus; smart tech & applications; and stellar exhibitors.

This is an impressive list of products to be on display but, perhaps, it should not be surprising. After all, a large percentage of electronic products sold worldwide are manufactured in Asia, with many of them coming from Taiwanese factories or factories run by Taiwanese companies in places like People’s Republic of China.

Visitors to Computex last year examine the 2014 D&I award winners.

The Computex design and innovation (D&I) awards are one of the high points of the show. This year’s D&I competition attracted 271 entries from major international manufacturers as well as newly established companies with new ideas and innovations on smart products. Six juries winnowed the entries down to 72 winners. Some of these winners have been announced, including Acer, Asus, Aiptek, Asrock, Dell, Edimax, Gigabyte, HTC, MSI, Philips, Silicon Power, Thermaltake, Union Genius Computer and Unitech.

The final list of winners of the awards and the winning products will be announced at a June 1st press conference. Out of the 72 winners, five will be chosen for the Gold Awards that will be presented the following day at the Computex Taipei 2015 Opening Ceremony. All 72 winners will be exhibited in Nangang Hall at the TWTC while the Computex show floor is open. After Computex is over, the winners will be exhibited at other ICT shows around the world. For those who focus exclusively on CES, this may be a chance to see why Computex attracts so many visitors. Innovative products with innovative design are the bywords of Computex. – Matthew Brennesholtz

On the same day we posted this article, the inaugural CES Asia was highlighted in a press release. It’s taking place at the end of May (25th to 27th) in Shanghai and organisers claim 20,000 pre-registrations. (BR)