TP Vision has Announced a Partnership with Leading Online Gaming Company GameFly

The new partnership with GameFly will allow existing and future owners of selected Philips, 2015 and 2016 Smart and Android TVs to play console quality gaming without the need to buy a dedicated gaming console.

GameFly Streaming will join the existing huge base of gaming and video services already on the Philips Android platform all of which also benefit from the immersive viewing experience provided by Philips’ unique Ambilight system.

Ambilight uses a series of LEDs mounted in the rear of the set to project a halo of changing light, that precisely matches the on screen action, on to the wall behind the set. It reaches its ultimate incarnation with the new AmbiLux model featuring nine rear mounted pico projectors to display the actual on-screen content up to 3 meters across the rear wall to create the ultimate gaming experience.

The powerful on board processing and large internal and expandable storage found on the Philips Smart TVs also combine to ensure a seamless, smooth and instantly responsive gaming experience.

A choice of 60 games will initially be available to stream from GameFly’s cloud based service and include leading console quality titles such as: Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition, Batman: Arkham Origins, F.E.A.R. 3, Darksiders , Red Faction Armageddon, Lego Batman 3, Pacman Championship Edition, WRC4 and many more games to follow in 2016.

Philips has initially announced 21 compatible TV model ranges from the 5500 series upwards with a further 16 model ranges to be updated, via firmware, to offer the GameFly Streaming app and service during 2016.

GameFly Streaming offers excellent value to gamers and families alike by allowing them quick and easy access to a diverse and rich assortment of games at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them outright. Games can be tried for 15 minutes without charge, alternatively two monthly subscription game packages are available: Family and Gamer, with both priced at €9.95 per month.

The Family pack contains easier and family oriented titles with PEGI rating of 12 and below. The Gamer pack introduces more challenging games with selections at all PEGI ratings. Each pack consists of tens of titles, which are refreshed periodically throughout the year.

Users will need an 8Mbps Internet connection for HD resolution and a 4Mbps connection for SD resolution and a simply x-input gamepad – from a choice of five models – which can be plugged into the TV using the USB port.

User experience latency has been reduced to an undetectable 0.1 seconds while protection is also given for Internet issues such as packet loss, bandwidth fluctuations, and variable roundtrips.

Gamers can play for hours without the fear of interruptions from advertisements and can save their game for later playback on any compatible Philips TV or any other GameFly Streaming compatible device.

Commenting on the addition of the new service Mattijs de Valk of TP Vision’s Smart TV Business Development Manager said: ‘The addition of the GameFly Streaming service with its console gaming quality is further proof of our dedication to continually improving the Philips Smart TV with new and exiting services ratifying it as an exceptional media portals capable of delivering all types of streamed content and all in superb quality. Philips customers can purchase our sets with the knowledge that the Smart offering will continue to develop and grow future proofing their purchase’.