Toshiba Notebook Storage Expands

Toshiba’s new Portege Z30-B and Tecra Z40-B notebooks expand users’ options for RAM and storage. All four new models run on Intel Broadwell processors. These enable longer battery life – up to 13.5 hours on the Z30-B units and 10.5 hours on the Z40-B.

The Z30-B-11T and Z30-B-11V are 13.3″, with anti-glare displays (1920 x 1080) using IPS panels. These laptops run on Core i7 processors and feature HDMI, USB 3.0 (x3) and RJ45 ports. The 11T has 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, while the 11V has 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Moving up in size, the 14.1″ Z40-B-10T and Z40-B-10U are only differentiated by their processors; the 10T uses Core i5 and the 10U uses Core i7. They have 8GB of RAM (expandable to 16GB) and 256GB SSDs. Both have 1600 x 900 resolution and use Intel HD Graphics 5500. Inputs are the same as the Z30-B models.

Toshiba is selling the new laptops now, for €1,765 (Z30-B-11T); €1,890 (Z30-B-11V); €1,640 (Z40-B-10T); and €1,810 (Z40-B-10U), ex VAT.