Tianma Exhibiting Consumer, Automotive, and Industrial Technologies at Display Week 2023

Tianma has a wide array of cutting-edge display technologies and solutions at Display Week 2023 with over 50 demos. For consumer products there is the 9.94″ AMOLED triple-fold CUP+HTD+CFOT, a 9.94″ display in a distinctive “Z” shape. With both an outer U-shaped folding hinge and an inner Y-shaped folding water drop hinge. The are two automotive products that should catch the eye (the full list of products being demonstrated is below), however, the 8.75″ transparent MicroLED display with transparency exceeding 65% and reflectivity below 4% is a particularly noteworthy one.

CategoryProduct NameDescription
Consumer9.94″ AMOLED Triple-fold CUP+HTD+CFOTA 9.94” tri-fold display with a U-shaped outer folding hinge and a Y-shaped inner folding water drop hinge. It can be fully expanded and used as a tablet or folded to be used as a smartphone, providing flexibility for work and personal use, such as mobile office, gaming, or watching videos.
Automotive8.75″ Transparent MicroLED displayAn 8.75” transparent MicroLED display with high transparency (over 65%) and low reflectivity (below 4%). It utilizes black material (BPDL) plus AR film to improve image quality and make objects behind the screen look clearer.
AutomotiveThe Smart Cockpit, Large-Size Mini-LED + PrivacyA curved 27” MiniLED integrated display for the smart cockpit. It combines switchable privacy technology with invisible display technology, providing an immersive driver experience while reducing distractions. The MiniLED technology enables outstanding optical performance with high dynamic contrast ratio (>200,000:1) and 1344 dimming zones.
IndustrialA-Series and P-Series productsThe A-Series (AI / IoT) standard panel products and P-Series (professional) standard TFT LCD modules cater to the requirements and needs of the industrial and medical display markets. The P-Series products are available in three grades (advanced, basic, and entry) to support different customer needs. The A-Series products are suitable for higher volume applications that require customization. Examples include the 12.1″ XGA P1210XGF1MB00, featuring a luminance of 500 nits, a resolution of 1024 (RGB) x 768, and an operating temperature range of -30~80°C.
PCAP Touch Technology PortfolioTianma offers an extensive PCAP (projected capacitive) touch technology portfolio. It includes various touch technologies such as optical bonding technology, wet & glove technology, touch embedded display (TED) technology, on-cell touch technology, force touch technology, 3D touch technology, active/passive stylus pen technology, and multimodal tactile feedback. Tianma can provide high-quality, integrated PCAP solutions across multiple applications, along with value-added services.
Smart SensorMicrofluidics and Liquid Crystal AntennaThe microfluidic chip is used for fluid manipulation and can be applied in biological, chemical, and medical fields. Panel-level microfluidic chips leverage display panel processes for mass production of high-precision, high-throughput, low-cost, portable, and programmable sensors. The liquid crystal phased Array Antenna is used for communication signal reception and transmission in various fields. It offers advantages like small size, low profile, easy integration, low power consumption, low cost, and continuous phase adjustment.