Tianma Claims SFT-QD Display Will Have High Brightness

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Tianma NLT America is preparing a 21.3″ LCD display using quantum dots, to be shown at SID 2015 in June. The unit has 2048 x 1536 resolution and uses NLT’s Super-Fine TFT2 (SFT2) technology.

SFT2 is a new version of SFT, which is comparable to IPS panels. NLT says that the aperture ratio of SFT displays is improved, compared to conventional TFT units, due to a new pixel structure. The new structure results in higher luminance and wider viewing angles. Backlight power can be reduced by up to 30% on SFT displays.

The use of SFT2 technology means that the quantum dot display will not be dimmer than a conventional LCD unit. The use of QDs can lower display brightness. Tianma said (although this is not what the QD makers say! – Man. Ed.). Luminance is said to be 700 cd/m², with 100% Adobe RGB coverage.

Tianma NLT will be at SID stand 917, with a prototype of the new display.