Ricoh Brings Bright Projection to Classrooms

Ricoh’s new entry-level DLP projectors are able to display images from a variety of sources, including PCs, camcorders and DVD players. They also cover multiple resolutions and are compact (314 x 224 x 102mm, 2.6kg).

The units (PJ S2240, PG X2240 and PJ WX2240) are designed for schools and small businesses requiring bright projection on a budget. They have an eco mode to extend lifetime and are covered by a three-year warranty.

190W lamps, lasting 4,500 – 6,000 hours, produce 3,000 lumens of brightness (3,100 lumens on the PJ WX2240) and have a 2,200:1 (2,000:1 on the PJ WX2240) contrast ratio.

Each model has a 1.1x manual zoom and manual focus; they can throw a 30″ – 300″ image from 1m – 10m away. Vertical manual keystone correction is also featured.

The projectors only significantly vary in resolution; the S2240 has 800 x 600; the X2240 has 1024 x 768; and the WX2240 has 1280 x 800. All three are available now, for $460, $590 and $700, respectively.