TI Enables Pico Chipset Evaluation

Texas Instruments has developed a new DLP LightCrafter Display evaluation module. Using the 4710 EVM, designers can assess the 0.47″ 1920 x 1080 DLP pico chipset, for use in various applications. These include signage, mobile projectors and wearables.

The chipset includes the DLP4710 DLP, the DLPC3439 display controller and the DLPA3005 power-management IC and LED driver. With the EVM, users will receive configuration and support firmware, an HDMI cable, USB cable and ‘production-ready’ RGB LED optical engine.

A GUI can be used for real-time assessment of features and peripherals. To help developers accelerate the use of the DLP4710 chipset, TI has made a reference design available for download at

The EVM is on sale now, for $1,100.