The XMP550 HDR Mastering Monitor: Shining a Light on QD-OLED Technology for Professional Applications

Flanders Scientific and joint venture partner Zunzheng Digital Video are claiming to have unveiled the world’s first professional QD-OLED mastering monitor, the XMP550.

XMP550 55″ QD-OLED HDR mastering monitor. (Source: Flanders Scientific)

The display panel is from Samsung Display, as you would guess. But, aside from that, there a number of key features, and advantages that are summarized below:

Key FeaturesDescription
12Gbps SDI ConnectivityEnables high-speed video data transfer for professional workflows.
Durable All-Metal ChassisProvides a sturdy and robust construction for long-lasting durability.
GaiaColor AutoCal SystemRevolutionizes the calibration process by allowing direct connection of professional probes to the monitor, ensuring fast, effortless, and accurate calibration across color space standards.
QD-OLED PanelLatest generation panel technology offering exceptional peak luminance performance, unparalleled off-axis viewing, true RGB additive behavior, and precise color reproduction.
Simultaneous ViewingLarge 55-inch form factor allows colorists and clients to view content simultaneously, eliminating the need for compromise between smaller reference-grade HDR displays and larger non-reference client displays.
Professional Connectivity12Gbps SDI connectivity caters to the requirements of professional video workflows.
Accurate CalibrationGaiaColor AutoCal system simplifies and enhances the calibration process, ensuring accurate calibration across all color space standards, delivering stunning and consistent image quality desired by the Hollywood community.
Superior Image QualityQD-OLED panel technology delivers exceptional peak luminance performance, precise color reproduction, unparalleled off-axis viewing, and true RGB additive behavior, making it a reliable primary reference monitor for SDR and HDR content mastering.
Technological ParityThe use of QD-OLED panel technology in a large format HDR display signifies a major industry shift, bridging the gap between premium home TV panel technology and professional HDR monitoring panel technology, allowing for preservation of creative intent.