The World’s First Consumer Virtual Reality Glove Enters Production Featuring Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc.’s Bend Sensor® Technology

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received the initial production order from the go-to virtual reality data glove company, Manus VR ( Our sensor solution will help power their exciting and innovative VR gloves.

Flexpoint and Manus VR have entered initial production phases of a custom sensor system, which features the Bend Sensor®, for 240 sensor systems. Flexpoint expects to deliver several hundred thousand sensor systems annually upon full production. Both companies anticipate a rapid growth trajectory for the products globally during the second half of 2016 and beyond.

Manus VR has successfully brought to market the industry’s first consumer virtual reality, (VR), glove A tremendously feature-rich offering, the glove integrates a number of technologies into a unique and truly inspired design. Manus VR’s overall vision is to provide the industry’s finest components that integrate with various VR hardware platforms offered by such notable companies as HTC, Oculus, Sony, and others.

The Manus VR glove offers a revolutionary new VR experience. With the Manus VR gloves you can use your hands just as intuitively and seamlessly in the virtual world as you would in real life. Compared to other gaming devices, the Manus VR gloves are more affordable, better accessible and above all, more immersive than any of its predecessors.

Flexpoint engineers collaborated extensively with the Manus VR team over the development lifecycle to incorporate a custom Bend Sensor® design that exceeded the extremely high demands of the overall product design. Manus VR CTO Maarten Witteveen states, “Combining high fashion with precision electronics is a difficult feat to manage. The new flex foil design allows us to create an aesthetically pleasing product without any cluttering wires. We are pleased with the public developer kit which will be released in the coming months.”

According to Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint VP Sales and Marketing, “Flexpoint is proud to be fully integrated into the virtual reality product that a prestigious firm like Manus VR is launching. We anticipate a long term business partnership that is mutually beneficial. This relationship validates and reinforces our unique position in the exciting and rapidly growing VR market.”

In addition to the gloves, Manus VR has developed a software development platform that enables software developers to design and build applications that extend far beyond virtual reality. This opens up a strong portion of the market that includes retail, healthcare, engineering and real estate applications.

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