The VR Venture Capital Alliance Sees Innovation Breakthroughs

The VR Venture Capital Alliance recently held its fourth closed-door members meeting in the US with VR/AR start-ups from around the world. In total, ten teams from five different regions showcased their achievements to over thirty industry investors. Some of the start-ups included, 7invensun, ObEN and TPCast. The alliance was founded by HTC with support from HTC Vive and its $100 million accelerator programme, Vive X. The alliance has 50 venture capital members with $18 billion in investible capital.

  • 7invensun showcased real-time eye tracking technology for all existing Vive systems, in the form of an upgrade kit known as aGlass, enabling real-time eye control interactions. The aGlass DK II is to start limited pre-order sales at around $219. Each set of aGlass DK II comes with a pair of 200°, 400° and 600° myopic lenses.
  • Oben showcased WeChat, an integrated VR experience using Vive. This allows all Vive users and WeChat’s 889 million mobile users, to interact with each other in the same virtual space in real time. ObEN’s APIs will be available to Viveport developers later this year.
  • TPCast showcased a tether-less upgrade kit for Vive, that allows up to six users to interact in one physical space. Available later this year, the TPCast BE will bring tether-less VR to numerous VR vertical markets.

The next VR Venture Capital Alliance meeting will be held at the end of June in Shanghai.

7Invensun Aglass7invensun has an AGlass eye-tracking system