The Survey Says … Virtual Reality Advertising Works

A recent survey conducted by Gelszus rmm Marketing Research revealed that virtual reality advertising platform, Composition of Music and Visuals (CMV), a collaboration between WerbeWeischer and Nqyer Media, works as a business model. The technology was used to showcase Porsche advertising content to participants aged 20 to 60 at Berlin’s Kino Zoo Palast theatre, who experienced a ride in one of the company’s vehicles.

CMV ist ein neues VR Werbeformat 768x576

The survey revealed that, of the participants, 49% hadn’t experienced virtual reality glasses before, while 45% had used them at least twice and 6% had their own. Meanwhile, 91% agreed they would pay for a similar experience in the future—when asked how much, respondents gave an average price of €8.80 ($11) and a maximum of €15 ($18.50).

While only 24% of the audience members rated the picture as “good” to “very good”, 63% felt the sound quality was “very good” to “excellent”. 39% liked the realistic VR video, while 21% would have preferred a computer-generated animation. Overall, 27% felt that the brand was more interesting as a result of the experience.