The Smart TV Experience: Fierce Competition from Alternative Connected Devices

The popularity of OTT SVOD has influenced the increase of connected media devices in consumers’ homes. However, the smart TV is no longer the ‘go to’ connected media device for several consumers.

Nowadays, consumers are not just relying on one connected media device per household, but rather, they are turning to multiple devices due to costs, ease of use, UI and navigation, compatibility with other ecosystems and the apps/services/features available.

A recent study from the Connected Home UX (CHX) group at Strategy Analytics ( has explored consumer ownership, use and satisfaction of smart TVs in the UK, USA and China. Dedicated game consoles, Blu-ray DVD players, dedicated streaming media devices and dongles, stand as a fierce competitor and replacement of the smart TV. Click here for report:

Taryn Tulay, Senior Analyst and report author commented “The ‘clunky’ interface of the smart TV has long been a pain point for many owners, with many finding that the UI of other connected media devices they own surpasses that of the smart TV in terms of ease of use, and speed of navigation and responsiveness. With the competition providing the same embedded apps/services as a smart TV, it is imperative that smart TVs not only offer more value-added features, but also a better overall consumer experience in terms of a more simplified and faster UI, easier navigation, an intuitive and more fluid remote and HMI interaction, more customization options and quality applications/services that complement the TV experience.”

Diane O’Neill, Director, User Experience Innovation Practice, added, “Compatibility with all smartphone, tablet and laptop ecosystems is also imperative; mirroring content via such devices should be effortless. Combined, all these aspects can only work to improve the media experience and value of a smart TV.”