The Dashboard of an Airliner in a School Bus

The next generation IC Bus CE Series school bus is not your grandma’s school bus. It comes with advanced displays and screens that enhance the driver’s experience. The bus features a state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster and a five-inch LCD color display in the dash cluster. These displays provide alerts, customizable views, and important information for the driver.

In addition to the impressive displays, the CE Series offers improved operating efficiency and reduced costs. The bus has integrated advanced technologies and ergonomic improvements to maximize driver comfort and operational ease. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has been upgraded to deliver superior performance with enhanced venting and overall output. The automotive-type controls make it easier for the driver to adjust the HVAC settings.

The CE Series also prioritizes driver comfort with features such as a stalk shifter for transmission control, conveniently mounted on the steering column. This allows the driver to shift gears and control engine braking smoothly while keeping their focus on the road. The driver seat options cater to drivers of all shapes and sizes, ensuring a comfortable ride. The improved entry and egress points facilitate easy access for both drivers and passengers. The new ergonomic wing instrument panel, angled toward the driver, includes backlit controls for improved visibility and ease of use.

When it comes to performance and maintenance, the CE Series incorporates innovative solutions. The bus comes standard with factory-installed telematics, providing connectivity, 24/7 diagnostics, and predictive maintenance tools for proactive fleet management. Routine maintenance items such as the HVAC filter, air dryer, fuel filter, stepwell heater, and oil filter are easily accessible, thanks to a modular approach. The instrument panel fuses are conveniently located inside the bus with a spill-resistant cover for increased safety and easy accessibility.

The next generation CE Series focuses on safety as well. The bus features a redesigned front end with a sloped hood for enhanced driver visibility and a modern grille. The entrance doors now have single glass panels without a separator, improving the driver’s visibility when boarding passengers. The bus is equipped with various safety systems, including an optional tire pressure monitoring system, standard electronic stability control, Bendix Intellipark electronic parking brake, door ajar driver alerts, and the Bendix Wingman Advanced Safety package. This package includes autonomous emergency braking and active cruise control with braking features for air brake models.

The increased 83-passenger capacity school bus is available in both diesel (Cummins B6.7) and zero-emissions electric powertrain options.