The AV Community Gathers at the NEC Showcase, Igniting a Buzz of Innovation

The 7th NEC Solutions Showcase welcomed well over 1,500 visitors through the doors of Vinopolis in London on 20-21 May 2015. This year saw a significant increase in the proportion of end users attending, attracted by the opportunity to experience technology at work within realistic settings, helping them to better understand how the solution could be deployed to meet their own needs.

Reflecting on the two day event, Simon Jackson, VP NEC Display Solutions exclaims, ‘the response from both partners and visitors has been genuinely overwhelming. The potent combination of engaging technology solutions, superb networking and indeed the fabulous venue, has resulted in the best Showcase yet with a fantastic atmosphere and a real buzz!’

Dwell time was longer this year with visitors staying at Showcase for a longer period. ‘Networking is a major element of the Showcase and with much of the AV community in attendance, it does take longer to get around all the solutions!’

This was the second year that Showcase underpinned London Digital Signage Week which saw a range of events taking place including the successful DailyDOOH Media Summit which attracts a wider audience to Showcase. Simon Jackson comments, ‘the cross over between the numerous events makes visiting London during London Digital Signage Week time well spent, bringing tremendous opportunities to engage across a broad ranging interest group.’

‘The Cube experience and the live Chat Show went down well with visitors and brought a fun element to Showcase; it’s good to remember that it’s important to enjoy yourself at this sort of event! The Showcase would not be the success that it has become without the commitment and support of our partners. I am delighted that this year’s event has cemented its reputation as the biggest and best AV industry event of its kind in the UK, for which we can all take pride in its success.’

Images and video footage of Showcase plus the chat show interviews can be found on the Showcase website; some available now, more to follow shortly

(We were at the event and subscribers to the Large Display Monitor can see it online)