NEC New York Partner Showcase Features Power Technology’s Illumina Cinema Laser System

By Chris Chinnock

Each year during New York Digital Signage Week, NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, hosts a partner showcase and open house to highlight NEC’s technology and their partners for upcoming product offerings. This year, one of the featured products is an NEC laser illuminated projector using Power Technology’s Illumina Cinema Laser System. The NEC projector paired with the Illumina Cinema Laser System will demonstrate the super-bright and crisp images that will drive the next generation of digital cinema projectors and reverse the world-wide slump in cinema attendance.

Launched last year, the Illumina Cinema Laser System is being used as the illumination source for the NEC NC1040L DLP Cinema Projector. The NC1040L offers precise 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution, 3-D capabilities and high contrast images (2000:1) for auditorium screens of up to 32.8 ft. wide. (Additional information available at The Illumina Cinema Laser System is designed to provide 15,000 lumens from a single module. A system of multiple modules can provide up to 60,000 lumens for a single projector. (Additional information available at

“We are humbled to provide the light source for NEC’s high output lumen cinema projectors” said Walter Burgess, Vice President of Engineering for Power Technology. “NEC’s previous RGB Cinema projector was limited to 10,000 lumens. With the Illumina light source they are able to offer in excess of 30,000 lumens. “

Traditional cinema projectors use xenon lamps for illumination. However, today’s tech-savvy audiences demand brighter, crisper images, especially for 3D content. Today’s lamps can’t keep up. Laser light sources are the natural next technology evolution to achieve the brightness required by modern projectors and audiences. Xenon lamps lose their brightness at an alarming rate over just a few hundred hours requiring expensive and labor-intensive replacements. Lasers, however, offer lifetimes of up to 30,000 maintenance-free hours while maintaining brightness.

“We are exceptionally honored to take part in the NEC Partner Showcase. NEC makes some of the best digital cinema projectors in the world and the process of pairing our light engine with their projector made for absolutely stunning visuals” said William Burgess, Vice President of Operations.