The Alternative for MultiTaction Video Walls

MultiTaction disrupted the market with innovative touch displays in 2007 for building large interactive video walls, combining an offer of both hardware and software. It has been used in museums, executive boardrooms, educational institutions, briefing centers, and sports arenas.

Recently, MultiTaction publicly announced a company reorganization, leaving a future of uncertainty for customers who are now looking for alternatives. Many have found DISPLAX TILE to be the best solution in the market for touch video walls.

DISPLAX TILE is a Bezel-less 55″ Touch Display, specially engineered with an ULTRA-SLIM BEZEL FOR THE BUILD-UP OF SEAMLESS AND UNLIMITED INTERACTIVE VIDEO WALLS to empower true collaboration. It has active touch from edge to edge, meaning it can even detect a touch on the bezel, and has incredible, reliable touch performance with 100 simultaneous touch points, operating 24/7. TILE is a robust product already present in hundreds of installations worldwide with proven reliability.

In addition to the powerful hardware made for easy touch video wall installations, TILE supports any operating system, making it possible to select your preferred platform with no strings attached.

To empower TILE top-class hardware, DISPLAX has built a close relationship with Intuiface. Intuiface software is a no-code platform that dramatically simplifies and accelerates a team’s ability to create complex, deeply engaging, interactive digital content. A superset of MultiTaction’s Showcase presentation software, Intuiface enables teams to build compelling touch-first experiences for DISPLAX TILE deployments of any size, from a single screen to multi-display walls, and for any platform, including Windows and Android – all without having to write a line of code.

In contrast to the high cost of MultiTaction hardware, software, and services, the combined DISPLAX and Intuiface solutions are significantly more cost-effective, accommodating a far wider range of budgets. This comes without sacrificing quality as both companies are known for robust product reliability, assuring a future with no worries regarding support or product continuity.

Miguel Fonseca, CEO of DISPLAX, “TILE has been growing exponentially, and system integrators have found it to be an effective alternative to MultiTaction. TILE is a product we’re proud of designing, and this joint effort with Intuiface to have software that really suits our customers’ needs has shown how flexible and adaptable DISPLAX is. Intuiface being such a reference in the software sector, it’s an honor for DISPLAX to see their world-class no-code platform working so well and taking complete advantage of all the features of TILE. With this, you can have a fast and easy implementation on any project, either for interactive digital signage or collaboration.”

Jacques Soumeillan, Executive President of Intuiface, says: “We believe this to be a great opportunity for expanding our footprint in the interactive video walls market. We have worked with many customers who use DISPLAX’s world-class performance touch sensors, and we see more and more requests for experiences running on interactive video walls, such as the Intuiface-based experience you would have seen in DISPLAX’s booth at ISE and InfoComm. Our platform’s no-code approach to interactive content delivery makes it possible for any team to create, deploy, and analyze even their most ambitious visions on world-class DISPLAX hardware.”

Combining these two leading companies’ offerings provide system integrators with a cost-competitive, deeply featured, and highly reliable alternative to MultiTaction’s hardware and software.