Telechips Android TV SoC is Low Power

We’ve mentioned Telechips a few times over recent years, but IBC was the first time that we had met with the company. The firm, which is a fabless chip company based in Korea, had a suite of rooms on the balcony at the event. The firm was founded in 1999 and specialises in mobile as well as SoC technology for STBs. That emphasis means that the company tends to develop very low power solutons – for example, the company was showing a reference design for a Wi-fi smart system for that runs Android TV and based on the new ‘Lion’ chip. The power consumption of the UltraHD device, which can support HDR (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision) and Google Assistant, but uses just 1.2W at 5V.

Despite the low power, Telechips is proud of the performance of its chips and highlighted the strong GPU performance, which is based on Arm Mali designs.

DSC08559The Telechips reference design supports Android TV with HDR at just 1.2W. Image:Meko

Telechips is a Google partner and gets early access to new Android code, so it already has Version 9 of Android. The company also works closely with security and CAS/DRM companies.

DSC08560The company has a wide range of chips based on ARM architecture with Mali GPUs. Image:Meko. Click for higher resolution