Privacy and Freedom: AR/VR/XR

by Omid Rahmat

EFF highlight the importance of upholding freedom of expression, journalistic freedoms, the right to repair XR devices, and the involvement of external stakeholders, including civil society, in shaping policy and regulatory measures.

Tags:Augmented Reality| VR| XR

MIT’s AR Headset Gives Users X-Ray Vision

by Omid Rahmat

Researchers have created an augmented reality headset that combines computer vision and wireless perception to automatically locate specific items hidden from view. The X-AR headset utilizes radio frequency (RF) signals that can pass through …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Head Tracker| HMD| XR

SK Hynix and LG Displays to Make MicroOLEDs for Meta

by Omid Rahmat

The social media giant will be designing the chips to be manufactured as part of its ongoing investment in the mixed reality displays. The expected timing for all this is 2025 to 2026. According …

Tags:Apple| Augmented Reality| LG Display| meta| Qualcomm| SK Hynix| XR

Near-Eye Display Shipments for XR Applications will Grow by 67% in 2023

by Artem Alekseenko

Near-eye display shipments for XR applications, including AR, VR and MR will be 24 million in 2023 with 67% YoY growth according to new research from Omdia. Because of global inflation, lockdowns in some Chinese …

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