Vol 22 - Issue 38


Samsung Flagship LCD TV Stumbles on Viewing Angle

by Steve Sechrist

In the latest Flagship OLED and LCD TV Display Technology Shoot-Out from DisplayMate Labs today, LG Display struts its stuff as chief researcher, Dr. Ray Soneira exposes the “Achilles Heel” of Samsung’s strategic decision …

Tags:large displays| LCD displays| OLEDs| Quantum Dots| Shoot Outs| Vol 22 - Issue 38| Wide Viewing Angles

Altice-Cablevision Create USA’s Fourth-Largest Operator

by Bob Raikes

Altice has acquired Cablevision Systems Corporation, for $17.7 billion, a deal that creates the fourth-largest cable operator in the USA. Cablevision serves the US metropolitan area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), with a …

Tags:Cable| Large Display Monitor| Mergers & Acquisitions| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 38

UK “May” Give Up DTT

by Tom Allen

John Whittingdale, the UK’s Culture Secretary, has said that ‘the time may come’ when the country’s DTT spectrum is given over to another service. At a keynote speech to the RTS Cambridge Convention, Whittingdale …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Terrestrial (DTT)| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Invidis Examines EMEA Signage

by Tom Allen

Invidis has released the third edition of its Digital Signage Yearbook, at the annual Digital Signage Summit Europe in Munich. The document contains an overview of the EMEA digital signage market, with country reports …

Tags:Digital Signage Data| DOOH| Europe| Large Display Monitor| MEA (Middle East & Africa)| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Meynen Leaves Ingram

by Tom Allen

Ingram Micro’s country director for Belgium, Steve Meynen, has left the company to work for Awingu, a local workspace aggregator. http://tinyurl.com/p4bggv2

Tags:Belgium| Ingram Micro| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| People| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Second-Gen Chromecast Seen in Leak

by Tom Allen

9 to 5 Mac has posted an article about a second-generation Google Chromecast streaming dongle. The site claims to have seen internal documents showing a new, circular design and with improved WiFi connectivity. A …

Tags:Google| Large Display Monitor| Streaming Dongles| Vol 22 - Issue 38

BBC Brings Video Streaming to USA

by Tom Allen

The BBC has announced plans to launch an OTT video streaming service in the USA. Tony Hall, the broadcaster’s director general, said that thee new service will be launched online next year, with no …

Tags:BBC| Large Display Monitor| Streaming Video| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Amazon Encourages Tablet Bulk-Buying

by Tom Allen

Although it got the size wrong, the Wall Street Journal was correct in the pricing of Amazon’s newest tablet ($50 Tablet Incoming From Amazon). The 7″ Amazon Fire is a very low-cost model – …

Tags:Amazon| Mobile Display Monitor| tablets| Vol 22 - Issue 38

TPK’s Touch Technology Investigated by ‘Major’ Vendors

by Tom Allen

Sources at TPK have said that ‘major’ smartphone vendors, including Apple, have been showing an interest in the company’s ‘touch-on-lens’ technology. New production breakthroughs have apparently raised yields and, thus, lowered the cost of …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Touch Interfaces| TPK| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Germany Prepares for T2 Launch

by Tom Allen

Germany’s Media Broadcast and Eurofins are working together to develop a receiver specification and test suite, in preparation for the launch of the DVB-T2 platform. A soft launch is expected in June 2016. In …

Tags:DVB-T & T2| Germany| Large Display Monitor| Terrestrial (DTT)| Vol 22 - Issue 38

Sony’s UltraHD Phone Isn’t Always UltraHD

by Tom Allen

When Sony introduced the Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone (Sony Enhances Mobile Display – Will it be Enough?), we wondered how the company would achieve the ‘up to two-day’ battery life claim with an UltraHD …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| sony| UltraHD| Vol 22 - Issue 38

UltraHD for $100 With Amazon

by Tom Allen

Amazon has been active in the TV STB/dongle space for more than a year now, and is stepping up its game to challenge the new Apple TV. The company’s newest Fire TV STB not …

Tags:Amazon| Large Display Monitor| STBs| Streaming Dongles| UltraHD (4KTV)| Voice Input| Vol 22 - Issue 38