Vol 22 - Issue 29


Everlight, Unity Opto Report Mixed MoM Growth

by Helen Vince

Everlight Electronics recorded a 10.4% month on month increase in sales in June to NT$2.4 billion ($77.3 million), though this was 4.1% lower year on year. Fellow LED packaging service provider Unity Opto Technology, …

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Legacy Devices May be Left Behind in UltraHD Protection Race

by Tom Allen

Faster-than-expected UltraHD penetration means that content protection is a ‘growing concern’ says ABI Research. As UltraHD content availability rises, studios are demanding stronger protection. The best protection is built into hardware in combination with …

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DTT Take-Up Grows in Czech Republic

by Milos Pavlovic

According to research by Digitmonitor TV, 48% of households in the Czech Republic now rely on the free-to-air DTT platform for their primary TV service. This is an increase of 5% from last year. …

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Anacom Opens DTT Consultation

by Tom Allen

Anacom, the Portuguese regulator, has opened a consultation on its draft decision regarding DTT coverage requirements. The consultation is open until 31st July. The draft decision covers DTT platform operator MEO’s land coverage obligations …

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Westinghouse Returns to Consumer TVs

by Tom Allen

Westinghouse has shown off a new line of UltraHD LCD TVs at an event in New York City, which range from an affordable 41.5″ set to a mammoth 84.5″. All of the models (41.5″ …

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Multidyne Brings US Open to Golf Fans at UltraHD

by Tom Allen

Multidyne provided video and fibre technology to the US Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course last month. The company’s Silverback 4K5 camera-back transceiver was used as a fibre link to an X-Mo 4k camera …

Tags:4k| Large Display Monitor| UltraHD (4KTV)| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 29

HD+ Scraps Need for CI+

by Tom Allen

SES subsidiary HD+, in partnership with Technisat, has unveiled its first UltraHD TV with an integrated HD+ decryption system. The TV, shown at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Germany, does not require a …

Tags:Germany| Large Display Monitor| LCD TVs| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 22 - Issue 29

“Fairy Lights” Holographic Display Under Development

by Arthur Berman

A team composed of researchers from several universities and a corporation and led by Yoichi Ochiai, an Assistant Professor in the Digital Nature Group at the University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba, Japan), is developing a …

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Elbit and ATR Sign Contract to Include Skylens into Airplanes

by Norbert Hildebrand

ATR, the French based manufacturer of turboprop aircraft, has signed a contract with Elbit system from Israel to provide the ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) with the Skylens wearable display for the ATR-72 …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Flight Information (FIDs)| Head Up Displays HUDs| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 29

Telefónica, Canal+ Deal Challenged in Spain

by Helen Vince

According to reports in the Spanish media, Vodafone and Orange have lodged separate appeals in Spain’s High Court over the conditions of Telefonica’s acquisition of Canal+. Spain’s competition authority, the CNMC, approved Telefonica’s acquisition …

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Asustek Cuts Notebook Shipment Forecast

by Helen Vince

Asustek has reduced its notebook shipment forecast for this year to 20 million units, from 22.8 million units and lower than last year’s total of 20.3 million notebooks. However, Asustek still expects to ship …

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AR Glasses Help to Guide the Elderly

by Tom Allen

A €1.2 million research project in Germany has created a pair of smart glasses designed for elderly people. Created by ADAMAAS (Adaptive and Mobile Action Assistance in Daily Living Activities), the glasses are based …

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