Vol 22 - Issue 08


Sony to Spin-Off Consumer AV Unit in 3 Year Turnaround Plan

by Helen Vince

Sony outlined its latest three year turnaround plan this week, which will see the company spin-off its video and sound business in October 2015. The unit is responsible for Sony’s home audio products, including …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Reorganisation & Restructuring| sony| Vol 22 - Issue 08

LG Chem to Invest $184 Million in OLED Line

by Helen Vince

LG Chem is to invest KRW200 billion ($184 million) in a 5G OLED lighting panel line to produce glass substrates measuring 125 x 110 cm. The line is expected to come on stream in …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LG Electronics (LGE)| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Herbert Koeck HP

Names Emerge as Leaders of Post-Split HP

by Helen Vince

There have been unconfirmed reports that HP has announced the names of the executives who will lead the EMEA businesses once the PC and enterprise units are separated later this year. HP Inc. EMEA …

Tags:HP Inc| Large Display Monitor| People| Recruitment & Appointments| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Gartner: Refurbished Phones Will Impact New Sales

by Tom Allen

The global market for refurbished smartphones will climb to 120 million units by 2017, with an equivalent wholesale revenue of about $14 billion. Last year, the market reached 56 million units. According to Gartner, …

Tags:Gartner| Germany| Mobile Display Monitor| Recycling| Smartphone Market| Smartphones| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Nintendo Abandons European TV Plans

by Tom Allen

Nintendo has changed its plans for the Tvii platform (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 38). Available in the USA and Japan since 2012, the service is no longer destined for a European launch, ‘Due …

Tags:Consoles| Europe| Large Display Monitor| Nintendo| Nintendo Consoles| TV Viewing| Vol 22 - Issue 08

IOC Has ‘No Plans’ for UltraHD in Rio

by Tom Allen

The Internal Olympics Committee has said that it has ‘no plans” for UltraHD TV broadcasts during the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. Yiannis Exarchos, CEO of Olympic Broadcast Services, said, “There is no …

Tags:4k| Brazil| Broadcast| Large Display Monitor| Olympics| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Eizo Returns to WATM

by Tom Allen

Eizo is to show its full range of air traffic control solutions at World ATM Congress 2015 (WATMC 2015) in Madrid, Spain (stand 349) from the 10th to 12th March. These include 2k x …

Tags:Air Traffic Control (ATC)| Back Panel| Eizo| Large Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Dell Readies 2015 Education Lineup

by Tom Allen

Dell’s new additions to its education portfolio include a laptop, tablets and a Chromebook. All four products (Chromebook 11; Venue 10 and 10 Pro tablets; and Latitude 11 Education Series laptop) are ‘playground-proof’, with …

Tags:Android| Chromebooks| Dell| Education| Mobile Display Monitor| Notebooks| tablets| Vol 22 - Issue 08| Windows

Toshiba Has LCD/OLED Module for Ara

by Tom Allen

Toshiba has shown off several modules for Google’s (originally Motorola’s) Project Ara modular smartphone (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 48). They include a display module for LCD and OLED screens, and connectivity, Wi-Fi and …

Tags:Google| Mobile Display Monitor| MWC 2015| Smartphones| toshiba| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Asus Looks Away From Android

by Tom Allen

Asus CEO Jerry Shen has said that the company is developing a smartwatch that does not use Android Wear. Quoted by Focus Taiwan, Shen said, “The major concern is about saving power”.

Tags:Android Wear| Asus| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Ocean Installs Massive Media Wall in Manchester

by Tom Allen

Ocean Outdoor has launched its third large-format outdoor media wall in the UK. The Manchester Media Wall measures 24.6m x 5.76m, with a 94m² vinyl surround. It has a 12mm pixel pitch and is …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LED| Ocean Outdoor| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 22 - Issue 08

Acer Chooses Freesync

by Tom Allen

The XG270HU is Acer’s tear-free gaming monitor, set to be released in March. The 27″ unit utilises AMD’s Freesync technology to synchronise the screen’s refresh rate with that of the GPU, eliminating tearing and …

Tags:Acer| Blue Light| Desktop Monitors| DisplayPort| DVI| HDMI| Large Display Monitor| Variable Frame Rate (VRR)| Vol 22 - Issue 08