Touch Interfaces


Heraeus and ITRI Collaborate on Touch Screens

by Tom Allen

Heraeus and Taiwan’s Industrial Technolgy Research Institute (ITRI) have been working together for several years. Their work has been focused on touch screens, using Heraeus’ Clevios conductive polymer-based touch panels (ITRI and Heraeus Scale …

Tags:ITRI| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Production| Taiwan| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 47

Guidance for Large Touch Screen UI Design

by Bob Raikes

We like to keep up with the latest ideas and trends in user interface design. Jakob Nielsen is a recognised guru of this topic and usually talks about mobile devices. However, his website recently …

Tags:Interactive Displays| Large Display Monitor| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 44

Android Devices with Force Touch User Interfaces on the Way

by Phillip Wright

Synaptics has announced a force-sensing touch screen controller which will offer Android device developers the opportunity to add a new touch screen user interface modality. The Synaptics announcement is timely since a similar user …

Tags:Force Sensing| Smartphones| Synaptics| Touch Controllers| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 41

TouchTurns Creates 3D Sensors

by Tom Allen

US-based TouchTurns said that it has developed flexible and 3D-formable capacitive touchscreen sensors. They are designed for use in consumer and business products, replacing traditional buttons with flexible, foldable or rollable touchscreen interfaces, or …

Tags:Flexible Devices| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 39

TPK’s Touch Technology Investigated by ‘Major’ Vendors

by Tom Allen

Sources at TPK have said that ‘major’ smartphone vendors, including Apple, have been showing an interest in the company’s ‘touch-on-lens’ technology. New production breakthroughs have apparently raised yields and, thus, lowered the cost of …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Touch Interfaces| TPK| Vol 22 - Issue 38

iPhone’s New 3D Touch Display

by Steve Sechrist

Now, just hours away from the the world’s best selling Smartphone next gen product launch, (Sept 9) rumors of a new 3D Touch Display are dominating the news for the newest iPhone (6S and …

Tags:Apple| iPhone| Smartphone Market| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 36

Touch and Haptics Innovations in 2015 SID iZone

by Phillip Wright

Two developers caught my attention during my visit to the 2015 SID Display Week Innovation Zone (iZone). Redux Technologies and TouchNetix were exhibiting new embedded haptics and touch sensor products, respectively. The Redux Embedded …

Tags:Haptics| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2015| Touch Controllers| Touch Displays| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 24

Gauging the Wearable Device User Experience

by Phillip Wright

Wearable devices continue to attract consumers’ attention and perhaps even more so after the Apple Watch went on sale April 24. However, reported production delays have limited deliveries to some customers. The recent availability …

Tags:Android Wear| Force Sensing| Gesture Recognition| GUIs| iOS (Apple)| Touch| Touch Controllers| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 21| Wearables

Asus Touch Orders Return to Taiwan

by Tom Allen

Touch panel orders for Asus’ Zenfone smartphones will be moved from O-Film back to makers in Taiwan, say sources in the country. The new suppliers will include JTouch, TPK and Young Fast Electronics. O-Film …

Tags:Asus| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| Supply Chain| Taiwan| Touch Interfaces| Vol 22 - Issue 17

Apple Points the Way for User Interface Advances

by Phillip Wright

Apple’s March 9, 2015 press event disclosed a fairly extensive range of new products and initiatives. As I reported in my prior Display Daily (Notebook Computer Displays Evolve), the new MacBook (available April 10) …

Tags:Apple| Force Sensing| Gesture Recognition| Haptics| HMI| Multitouch| Notebooks| Touch| Touch Interfaces| Touch Pads| Vol 22 - Issue 13