Smartkem On the Up with RiTdisplay JDA

by Bob Raikes

We published, a couple of weeks ago, a press release from the developer of organic TFTs, Smartkem that announced that it has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with RiTdisplay, a Taiwanese company that …

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Visionox to Sell PMOLED Business to Focus on AMOLED?

by Andrew Fenn

Visionox has announced that it will sell its PMOLED business in order to focus on developing its AMOLED technology, according to OLED-Info. Several China-based companies are involved in the sale, the publication said. The …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| PMOLED| Vol 25 - Issue 33

Kyulux and Wisechip Unveil Flexible Hyperfluorescence PMOLED Display

by Andrew Fenn

Kyulux recently demonstrated Wisechip’s latest flexible PMOLED display, which uses Kyulux’s Hyperfluoresence yellow emitter. The company says that the power consumption of this display, compared to Wisechip’s fluorescent yellow, is almost half. The Wisechip …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| TADF| Vol 25 - Issue 24

WiseChip to Show In-Cell Touch OLED Display Tech at CES Asia

by Andrew Fenn

WiseChip, a Taiwan-based provider of passive-matrix OLED (PMOLED) products and services, will be highlighting its new In-Cell touch series during CES Asia 2018, which takes place from June 13th to the 15th in Shanghai, …

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Truly Boosts PMOLED Production

by Milos Pavlovic

OLED Info reports that Truly Semiconductor is expecting to start production at its P3 G2.5 passive OLED production facility at the end of this month. The plant will add capacity for 3.3 million 1″ …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| Vol 24 - Issue 32

RitDisplay Boosts PMOLED Capacity

by Bob Raikes

RiTDisplay is to boost its capacity for PMOLED displays according to Digitimes which was quoting the company’s CEO, DC Wang, at an investors’ conference. The firm’s capacity has increased from 15,000 to 18,000 substrates …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| Vol 24 - Issue 15

PMOLED Display Driver Sales See Strong Growth

by Yvette Raikes

During its review of the past financial year, Hong Kong IC maker Solomon Systech said that sales of its PMOLED display drivers had seen strong growth. The drivers have also attracted new design wins …

Tags:Display Drivers| Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| Vol 24 - Issue 10| Wearables

PMOLED Market to Grow, RitDisplay

by Isaac Oburu

D.C. Wang, C.E.O of RitDisplay, is optimistic about the PMOLED market. The company is expecting a 20% growth in the second half of 2016. Wang also said that the company is investing in flexible …

Tags:Capacity| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| Supply Chain| Vol 23 - Issue 32

Ritdisplay Files for IPO

by Tom Allen

Taiwanese passive OLED maker Ritdisplay has said that demand for its PMOLED panels has been high this year, and revenue for the first half of 2016 is up 40% YoY to $31.2 million. It …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| Taiwan| Vol 23 - Issue 28

Colour Comes to Futaba

by Tom Allen

Futaba has unveiled new flexible PMOLED panels, for small devices such as wearables. The EPW1802AA is a 1.8″ greyscale PMOLED unit, with 160 x 32 resolution. It has 600 cd/m² of brightness, a 10,000:1 …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| Vol 22 - Issue 47

Truly and AndersDX Continue PMOLED Partnership

by Tom Allen

UK-based distributor AndersDX is now handling a circular PMOLED display for Truly Semiconductor. Targeted at wearable electronics – specifically in healthcare and fitness – the 1.13″ OEL9M0082-W-E module is customisable for various applications. It …

Tags:Distribution| Ireland| Mobile Display Monitor| PMOLED| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 22 - Issue 39