VR Lemmings Make Easy Prey for Microdisplays

by Omid Rahmat

Does it matter if there is, or isn’t, a VR/AR/MR market as long as you’re the one selling the displays? No, it really doesn’t.

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FitXR Launching on Pico VR Headsets

by Emory Kale

FitXR is expanding its virtual reality (VR) fitness offering into the UK, EU and Asia markets by launching on Pico VR headsets. n January 2023, FitXR launched two new studio offerings: Sculpt and Combat, …

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ByteDance May Have a Thing to Say About VR With Pico

by Omid Rahmat

TikTok’s parent comapny, China’s ByteDance, owns a VR headset company, Pico, and despite the pressures that bear down on the company from western regulators, it is not backing away from a fight with Meta …

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