AOC Debuts New Curved Gaming Monitor

by Omid Rahmat

The AG455UCX is a 44.5″ curved surface monitor. AOC claims the monitor has 100% sRGB coverage (based on CIE 1931) and a 122% sRGB color gamut area (based on CIE 1931). It also has …

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4k Production & TV

by Bob Raikes

I was thinking recently about 4K (3840 x 2160) products for TV and in the monitor market. There is some scepticism in some areas about the importance of this high resolution and we’ve seen …

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iPad Performance Should Challenge Monitor Makers

by Bob Raikes

I must say that I felt something of an anti-climax after the Apple announcement last week. After all the hype, there was a thought that there might be something really revolutionary but, in the …

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Larger monitors outsell small sizes for first time in Q3

by Raverstead

In the third quarter of 2011 sales of monitor sets of 21.5″ and above went past the volume of smaller sets for the first time. Larger sizes now represent nearly two thirds of the …

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Monitor market rallies at end of 2010

by Raverstead

The latest data from European display specialist Meko shows that sales of monitors grew by an encouraging 26.5% in the final quarter of 2010, compared to the previous quarter. In total, 13.4 million monitors …

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Monitor Companies Overestimate Service Costs

by Dummy Admin

Meko´s latest Monitor Warranty Report uncovers overestimates of nearly 30% by monitor companies calculating their future service costs. The display market research specialist has published its Desktop Monitor Warranty Report 2010, which examines warranty …

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