VR Lemmings Make Easy Prey for Microdisplays

by Omid Rahmat

Does it matter if there is, or isn’t, a VR/AR/MR market as long as you’re the one selling the displays? No, it really doesn’t.

Tags:Bytedance| headsets| Microdisplays| MR| Pico| showcase| VR

Samsung and Apple: Carving up the Smartphone Pie

by Omid Rahmat

Are Samsung and Apple leveraging their relationship to lock down the premium smartphone segment? If they get foldables right, probably yes.

Tags:Apple| Huawei| Microdisplays| Oppo| Samsung| showcase| Smartphones| Wearables| Xiamoi

The Black Hole of Apple Vision Pro’s Microdisplays

by Omid Rahmat

What Display Daily thinks: The news that LG is not going to start on OLEDos production this year follows a bunch of stories about how Samsung and LG were vying for Apple’s microdisplay business …

Tags:Apple| LG| Microdisplays| OLEDos| showcase| sony