Metal Mesh


Japanese Develop Ultrafine Wire Metal Mesh for Flexible Displays

by Norbert Hildebrand

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, said to be the leading Japanese company for precious metals developed in conjunction with Dr. Tatsuo Hasegawa from the University of Tokyo, AIST Flexible Electronics Research Center and Yamagata University a …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| Touch| Vol 25 - Issue 05

3M Files Patent Violation Lawsuit Against Elo

by Andrew Fenn

3M and 3M Innovative Properties have filed a patent infringement lawsuit in federal district court in Wilmington, Delaware, against Elo Touch Solutions. The suit alleges that certain Elo Touch projected capacitive products infringe 3M’s …

Tags:3M (MMM)| ELO| Large Display Monitor| Litigation| Metal Mesh| Patents| Touch| Vol 25 - Issue 10

BC14 Unipixel Bullish on Metal Mesh Touch

by Bob Raikes

Jalil Shaik is COO of UniPixel of the US and used to be with Atmel before that company’s touch business was acquired by UniPixel. He talked about UniPixel’s metal mesh technology which is used …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2017| Touch| Unipixel| Vol 24 - Issue 21

New Technologies Widen Touchscreen Opportunities

by Tom Allen

A quiet revolution is taking place in the projected capacitive touchscreen market. Rapid industry developments are delivering touchscreens that are thinner, more reliable, lower cost and offer higher performance. The impetus behind many of …

Tags:Graphene| ITO Replacement| Metal Mesh| Silver Nanowire| Touch Interfaces| Vol 23 - Issue 30

ITO Challenged in New Applications

by Tom Allen

IDTechEx has examined the transparent conductive film (TCF) market in a new research report (, specifically covering ITO alternatives, and believes that the end of the downturn may be in sight. The TCF industry …

Tags:Film materials| IdTechEx| ITO Replacement| Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| Silver Nanowire| Vol 23 - Issue 24

3M Touch Explains its Metal Mesh

by Bob Raikes

As we reported from CES, 3M Touch has now adopted its own metal mesh film technology for its larger touch monitor business. The company told us the reasons that it is able to adopt …

Tags:3M (MMM)| ISE 2016| Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Touch Displays| Vol 23 - Issue 06

An Inflection Point for Large Touch Displays?

by Bob Raikes

We’ve finally got to the end of our CES report. It highlights how much of CES is being taken over by the automotive field and how much concentration there was on AR and VR. …

Tags:Cima Nanotech| Editorial| FlatFrog| Infrared Touch| Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| Silver Nanowire| Touch Displays| Vol 23 - Issue 02

Zytronic Raises Ultra-Large Capacity

by Tom Allen

UK-based touch specialist, Zytronic has invested £1 million ($1.5 million) to raise its manufacturing capacity, with a focus on ultra large format touch senses for digital signage, tablet surfaces and similar applications. A 25% …

Tags:Investment| Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Touch| UK (United Kingdom)| Vol 23 - Issue 03

Konica Shows Metal Mesh Film at Finetech

by Tom Allen

Konica Minolta will demonstrate a prototype of its metal mesh transparent conductive film at Finetech Japan (8th – 10th April, Tokyo Big Sight, stand 45-42). The film was manufactured by an inkjet process. A …

Tags:Back Panel| Events| Japan| Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 13

Colegrove Updates on Touch

by Raverstead

Jennifer Colegrove is from Touch Display Research and talked about touch and touchless input. She started by talking about “what’s hot” in the market, including non-touch areas. Colegrove said that she was one of …

Tags:Automotive| Cima Nanotech| Large Display Monitor| Latin Display 2014| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| Silver Nanowire| Touch Display Research (TDR)| Touch Market| Touchless Touch| Vol 21 - Issue 46

Metal Mesh Touch Sensors

by Raverstead

The TGM event presented several viewpoints on the prospects for non-ITO touch sensor films. During his tutorial on October 28, Geoff Walker of Intel provided his perspective on the need and potential alternative materials …

Tags:ITO Replacement| Large Display Monitor| Metal Mesh| Mobile Display Monitor| TGM 2014| Vol 21 - Issue 45